Grants for Starting a Green Business

A green business is involved with manufacturing products or providing services that are environmentally pleasant. All business operations in such organizations are committed to follow eco-friendly principles so the environment is not adversely affected. They aim to obtain profit without compromising environmental concerns. To motivate entrepreneurs to begin new businesses that are environmental friendly, green business grants are supplied by many government and non-government organizations. These grants can vary from a few hundred dollars to huge amount of money, depending on the business project and the organization allowing it. Any business, big or small, which is depending on an eco-friendly model, can apply for a green company grant.

Grants for Green Businesses

U. S. Environmental Safety Agency Grant
The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency of the United Sates awards grants to small businesses which provide the 'go-green' concept. These grants are awarded annually as a two-year contract. Entrepreneurs with green business ideas submit their proposals towards the agency, which then selects proposals that are eligible with regard to grants. For a business to qualify for this give, three criteria must be fulfilled. First, the business should be science and technology based. Second, it must be located in the U. S. and third, it must have under 500 employees. Under the EPA's Small Business Innovation Investigation (SBIR) program, new businesses are awarded grants in 2 phases. In the first phase, businesses are given $70, 000 for 6 months for research purposes. Once the research work is total, businesses submit a new proposal to the EPA. Within the second phase, EPA gives $225, 000 to grant holders for 2 years.

U. S. Department of Agriculture Grant
Under the actual U. S. Department of Agriculture Small Business Innovation Investigation program, small businesses with eco-friendly ideas, in the area of agriculture, are awarded grants in two phases. Businesses within the research phase receive grants up to $80, 000 as the ones in the second phase receive grants up in order to $350, 000 depending on the size of the task.

U. S. Department of Energy Grant
Entrepreneurs with eco-friendly business ideas for energy use, energy production, environment administration or nuclear nonproliferation, can qualify for grants awarded through the U. S. Department of Energy. Grants are again granted in two phases. Phase I grant is for feasibility study and Phase II grant is perfect for research and development. The grant holder receives $100, 000 for nine months within the first phase and the same amount over a two-year period within the second phase.

State and Local Grants
Small green businesses may also apply for grants that are awarded under the state and local programs. Every state has its own arranged standards for businesses to qualify under these programs. The information regarding programs running in each state can be acquired from state government websites and business portals.

Community Preservation Enterprises Grant
Community Conservation Enterprises or CCE currently awards grants to small green businesses which are initiated in Central America and Mexico. These grants vary from $500 to $2000. The CCE supports business which help in improving standard of living of local people by providing products or services that protect environmental surroundings and use natural resources religiously.

Other Green Business Grants or loans
Many corporations and non-governmental institutions offer grants to businesses that are looking to take a step forward to protect the atmosphere. For example, CBS, a media giant in the Usa, offers grants to green business projects. Another company, Retensa, also motivates entrepreneurs to enter green businesses, by awarding many grants from time in order to time. Some public utility companies also help people who would like to start eco-friendly businesses or expand an already existing eco-friendly business.

Everyone knows how fast natural resources of our world are depleting. The negative impact of various industries on the planet is a big cause of concern. To make companies realize this fact, and motivate them to take measures to operate towards a cleaner and greener environment, green business grants or loans are awarded. This initiative not only benefits the business proprietor but also mankind and our planet.