Marketing For Online Business - Best Marketing Business Secret

The web is the new gold rush for business sales and new forms of internet business marketing campaigns are flooding through cyber-space.

The problem is identifying the legitimate campaigns from most of the scams doing the rounds. As the International business guru I am often asked by my clients to recommend top quality online marketing secrets.

The following is one particular promotion.

Marketing for internet business a marketing business secret outlines a dynamic new business marketing system that you simply only pay for once, but continues to pull in customers for as much as 4 years or longer?

Would a new business marketing system that is actually blasting all success projections to smithereens interest you? Would it interest you to definitely know that this new business marketing system is so dynamic that countless other credible businesses will promote your business for you at no additional cost for you?

Would it interest you to know you can track the progress of the dynamic new business marketing system at the click of a mouse from any computer with internet access from all over the world?

Would it excite you to know this business marketing system for multiple different business sectors has achieved more than projected success in every sector? And that this system is about to become launched globally shortly?

How interested would your business clients be, if they didn't need to spend days or weeks sat around a table brainstorming marketing ideas having a conventional marketing company, only to find out that most of the ideas cost an excessive amount of to implement and then fail to succeed?

This marketing for online business is really a marketing business secret. It's new... It's very new... And I want the readers of the article to be the first to hear about it.

Business Directors and owners regularly pay search engine optimisation (SEO) companies hundreds and hundreds of pounds to get an elusive first page natural ranking on Google along with other search engine web sites.

As a business growth consultant for numerous businesses I have fired 6 different credible SEO companies within the last 2 years because they failed to achieve better online marketing success than I will achieve myself.

All of these six companies informed me it would take between 9 to 18 months to obtain a Google first page natural ranking. I paid one reputable SEO company £9, 000 over 5 months plus they never got me a first page Google or any other search motor position.

The last SEO Company I fired were retained on a 12 30 days contract at £30, 000 per year. They also promised, but failed to provide a Google first page listing.

Did you know online buyers are four to six times more likely to buy from a business that is positioned about the left hand side of the search engine screen, than from a ppc or sponsored link on the right hand side of the screen.

The number of times has one of your clients said, "I wish I could just obtain a Google first page listing? " Google first page listing has become the Ultimate goal for many businesses struggling to achieve online success.

Think of the value of the Google first page listing. Now think of the value of multiple Search engines first page listing. How would you feel if hundreds of other internet businesses found your article so credible they post it by themselves business web sites promoting you and your business throughout cyber space?

How much value would your business clients place on you if a person introduced someone who gets their business listed on multiple high ranking search engine pages very quickly frame? This perfectly legitimate online marketing system has the capacity to dominate internet search engine page 1 listings?

Every one of the 6 SEO companies I terminated, informed me that no search engine would allow the same article to obtain more than one listing position on any search engine page.

This new business marketing service proves all of them wrong. One of these online business marketing secrets is that it doesn't matter in case your business is a niche business, as this cross sector system work for those business sectors.

Have you ever heard of a business marketing company which has achieved position 1, 2 & 3 on the first page of Google using the same article?

What about position 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 about the first page of Google with the same article? Ranking at Google position 1 to 5 is classed as 'above the scroll' total natural search domination for that same company or product.

This new online business marketing service is therefore finely tuned, business owners get disappointed when only achieving positions 1 in order to 5. Another one of the secrets associated with this system is that the greatest success was total domination in the last month by achieving the first 1 to 32 positions on the very first 4 pages of Google.

The dynamic online marketing service Includes
  1. Investigating online of your company, products services and search engine positions
  2. Online research of relevant key words and key phrases to incorporate in your search engine positions article.
  3. A unique and dynamic article created specifically with one aim, to power drive you and/or your business in the organic search engine positions listings.
  4. An embedded anchor link in the footer from the article which links back to your web site.
  5. Every time another business or web site owner runs a copy of your article they feature your resource box at the end of the article which contains your web site address and an e-mail tackle. This promotes your search engine positions.
  6. You can also post our article by yourself web site Blog. Because this is a new venture in the pre-launch phase the name and contact information on the company are not being released yet.
However from the middle of October it is possible to identify the company via an online search. In its basic format I will inform you that the company offering the service will provide the subsequent:

Marketing for online business a marketing business secret - this is exactly what they do
  1. After extensive online research they choose the title of the article.
  2. After extensive online research they choose the precise keywords and key phrases necessary to turbo charge your article up the Google first page listing search engine rank.
  3. They may on occasion utilise an incorrectly spelt or grammatically incorrect key phrase or key phrase if their research indicates large volumes of people are looking for something relevant to your business, products and/or services but they are spelling it wrong when entering it to the search engine browser.
  4. They write a unique content article of anything between 750 to at least one, 000 words.
  5. They list the article on their own web website or yours if appropriate, to gain original content status from the search engines like google.
  6. They distribute your article via one specialised online marketing service who then distribute it out to hundreds & countless other credible business web and Blog owners who deem it credible enough to publish on their web sites and Blogs.
  7. They pay all submission & administration fees with this service.
  8. 7 days after final submission they contact you with your internet search engine placement positions. (If they achieve instant success they may contact you previously. ) You can of course track the progress yourself.
  9. They maintain copyright ownership of every article which enables them to own article to all legitimate web sites.
Here's what they can't, and do not do
  1. They can't write an article openly advertising your company, services or products in the main body of the article.
  2. They can't list your company name in the primary body of the article.
  3. Do not be concerned by this, as they will include details of how to contact your company online and an e-mail address in a resource box at the end of the article. With the internet gold rush for businesses it is crucial to enhance your online marketing presence.